December 1, 2020

“You Are Home to Me” Beautiful Christ-Centered Wedding at Oak Brook Club: Alina + Christian

Your wedding day is a beautiful, nerve-wracking flurry of moments. Ten seconds of staring at yourself in the mirror can feel like an hour while you’re second guessing if you got every word in during the twenty-minute ceremony. The fun part of being a wedding videographer is I get to witness all those moments.

All photos provided by the insanely talented: Joelle Elizabeth (

Bride, groom, families, friends, and vendors work tirelessly and give so much energy and love into celebrating the devotion you and your spouse make to each other. 

And all too easily can we become distracted, anxious, or sidestepped by the minute hiccups everyone naturally faces on the day of your wedding. Do you know where I’m looking in those moments? I’m looking right at the bride and groom. 

On the outside, Alina and Christian already look like the most perfectly fitted couple. They’re gorgeous, athletic, compliment each other so well, and more important than their love for each other is their love of Christ. Their commitment to understanding the mystery and beauty of Christ parallels their commitment to the life-long ties they were about to make.

Shake the Jitters

Fall weddings in Chicago tend to get gray and overcast, but not on this day. Love and light emulated from everyone at the rustic Oak Brook Bath and Tennis Club located in a little west Chicago suburb. 

The forecast may have called for clouds, but new life and new love were springing forth from the sweet groom, Christian.

Just read what he had to say as he waited for his bride moments before they shared the sweetest first look I’ve captured: 

I can’t even describe the feelings I’m getting in my heart…I feel like new veins or arteries or something is opening up.”

Wow. Doesn’t that capture what perfect love looks like? To be so moved and affected by the love you have for another, it feels like you’re morphing into an entirely new person? That is powerful and transformative love, if I’ve ever witnessed it. 

To Love and Be Loved

From the beginning, it was obvious that Alina and Christian’s friends and family were just as excited and eager to have these two tie the knot as they were. 

Alina’s bridesmaids added a much-needed pop of color with varying shades of plum, wine, and blush dresses.

Alina was the center of attention, as she literally looked like a Disney princess descending the staircase of the Oak Brook Bath and Tennis Club. If we listened close enough, I’m sure we could hear the Disney theme song playing somewhere off in the distance! 

We captured so many sweet moments of Christian with his groomsmen and Alina with her mother as she stepped into her wedding gown, and father as he gazed upon his daughter. 

It was overwhelming and very obvious to see just how loved the newlyweds are. In fact, when we asked if there were any important relationships that would like to be highlighted, Alina’s response was “Everyone!” 

“If There is One Decision…”

Okay, I need to get to the ceremony now because wow, I was so touched by both Alina and Christian’s vows. 

I will never get over watching Christian’s reaction to seeing his wife walk down the aisle. It will make your heart melt. 

And although his voice shakes and you can hear him catching his breath every time he looks up to catch a glimpse of his radiant bride, the words and promises he declares in front of Alina, friends, and family only serve to solidify the strong foundation they’re building their marriage on. 

You have the most prudent and purest soul. And I’m grateful to have the privilege to experience it firsthand and nurture this soul.” 

Then, almost as if she’s compelled by the safety and security she feels from being in front of Christian, Alina makes a bold and vulnerable confession in her vows: 

You and I both know how indecisive I can be at times. But if there is one decision of my life that is the right one, it’s to spend the rest of my life with you.” 

Need we say more?


Rare to find, safe in each other’s arms, surrounded by an explosive display of love from friends and family, and sustained by the deep love and commitment they have for each other, Alina and Christian continued their big day with a packed reception and Serbian dancing! 

Personally, my favorite moment was capturing Alina as she serenaded her new husband with a song during the reception. Can we just watch these two love each other forever?

This wedding had everything: a gorgeous couple, loving family, and an outrageously fun bridal party that kept the whole party going!

I even managed to shake it to a couple of songs on the dance floor…

What a privilege and honor to have captured such a rare love like Alina and Christian’s. Thank you to this elegant couple for letting us be a part of their big day. We ask for nothing but blessings in your marriage and a lifetime of growing and transforming in love! 


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