Katie & Mikey

Your story is rare & captivating. Your film should be too. Years from now I want you to look at your wedding film and have all of those emotions come flooding back. This sweet bliss, the moving sentiment and the joyful laughter and overwhelming love you felt on the day you wed. (To be honest, our goal is to make you cry tears of joy).

a husband-and-wife filmmaking duo who specialize in handcrafted films for the adventurous couples that are madly in love.

Get to know the Founders

Meet Our Team

the goofball


Mikey - big on sports, the 49ers, The Office and making people laugh. Always insists on trying to best Katie in everything they do. Loves making breakfast foods. Loves soda, or pop or however you prefer to say it. Secret talent: Cliff jumping. May midnight as Aquaman. 

the sweetheart


Katie - lover of all animals but especially fond of horses and dogs. Big on running and podcasts (especially at the same time). Considers popcorn a food group and chocolate an appropriate snack any time of day. Obsessed with all the pretty things involved with weddings and would LOVE to hear all about yours! 

our dream dog

Gus Gus

Gus Gus - our imaginary, hopefully soon-to-be addition to the Swider family. He is fun-loving, up for any adventure and equally up for a night in watching our favorite shows. Loves cuddling with Katie & begging Mikey for treats. (In our minds of course).

the adventurer


Adam likes things that move him emotionally, often in the form of music, movies, or stories. He believes he’s a 3w4 on the Enneagram. He has a strange affection for & sensitivity towards inanimate machines like his Honda Civic and iMac computer. Enjoys learning + playing new games like Sheriff of Nottingham and Camel Up (check em’ out!). He loves being in nature and is up for any and every adventure.

Board Games

Game night is our favorite night and we love playing with our friends. Mikey usually tries to sabotage Katie, but Katie usually beats him anyways. Or we take it too seriously and get wrapped up in some technicality. If you're up for it, we would LOVE to double date and challenge you to a game night!

We challenge you to a game of avalon, ticket to ride or any card game anytime.#challengeaccepted

Other things we love:


Both of us were collegiate athletes who loved our sports. Now that college is over, we have found joy in running - whether it be on our own or together. There is something about it that clears the mind and makes us happy... probably the endorphins.

"Clear your mind of can't" - samuel Johnson

Dinner with Friends

Our friends are some of the most important people in our lives. They make us laugh, support us, hold us accountable and are solid examples of what it looks like to share Christ's love. Our friends are basically family and we are so blessed by them. Any chance we get, we share a meal or a game night together.

hard to pass up a great meal with even better company.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Ocho Rios, Jamaica is where we honeymooned and wow was is beautiful. We were blessed by beautiful weather, access to every water sport imaginable, and some incredible food. The people were helpful, friendly and down-to-earth. Some of our favorite memories are tied to this stunning location. If you ever get the chance - go visit!

the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure! 

Vintage Cars

Katie especially is in love with old cars. Something about the nostalgia and fingerprint left by an older generation of people intrigues her so much. If she could, we would go back in time and live in the 1940's/50's! Her dream car? A Cadillac - 1941 Series 62 Convertible.  

Oh my goodenss - super obsessed with vintage cars. can't beat a sunny day + a car show.

Parks & Rec // The Office

We are both loyal fans of Parks & Rec as well as The Office. Mikey prefers The Office, while Katie prefers Parks & Rec. Favorite moment from The Office: When Dwight smokes out the office for a fire drill. Favorite from Parks & Rec: When they make a negative ad for "Bobby Newport". If you understand any of these references - we are your next best friends!

question: which bear is best? 


Mikey & I met at Wheaton College where the Lord transformed our lives. Through trials & joy, our Savior has blessed us with many gifts that we do not deserve. We deeply desire to honor Him through our work & long to hear of more love stories like ours that were orchestrated by His hand. 

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul; firm and secure. Hebrews 6:19a

 Our Philosophy

You're engaged! Woop woop! Now the search is on to find the perfect vendors to come alongside you & ensure your day is as perfect as you imagined. 

That's where we come in. Our hope is not that you just have your day as you imagined, but even BETTER. When all the hustle & bustle settles down, you are left as newlyweds with your photos & your film.

Our philosophy is to always go above & beyond when working on your film. Our goal? Make you cry tears of joy & feel every single beautiful, complex emotion from this precious day.

We want to be more than just your videographers. We want to be people you can call at midnight to go over the timeline, or help pick out colors, or buy you a coffee and tell you that all the stress of planning will totally be worth it!


We are here for you!


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