January 3, 2019

Our Back Story

Why the name “Anchored” Films

As I reflect on the last year and how wonderful it was – I thought – I bet a lot of people don’t know why we chose the name “Anchored Films” for our brand. To give you a little insight into who we are, and what our motivation is – here is a little backstory about the business.

When I was thinking about what to name the brand, I knew that I didn’t want it to be modeled after my own name for a few reasons:

  1. “Katie Buell Films” doesn’t sound super enticing or creative
  2. I was about to get married + would have to change the name anyways (too much hassle!)
  3. Let’s be real – my last name doesn’t make pronunciation easy on anyone!

But ultimately – I wanted to have a name that represented something greater than myself. I wanted something that represented how I hope couples really feel. Not just about their film – but about each other.


The name Anchored was originally inspired by part of one of my favorite Bible verses, Hebrews 6:19 which reads, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” The hope we have in Christ is an anchor for the soul. What a beautiful image, I thought. When the world tries to pull us one way, our anchor draws us right back to a safe place, never letting us drift out of reach. How romantic! Seriously – Christ has such a deep love for us that he did literally everything in His power to hold us securely in his loving presence when we ourselves were utterly helpless.


Yes, our home is everlasting, but until we arrive – we need help to stay fixed to that love. And God provided the anchor. It is not something that weighs us down. It is not a burden. It keeps us where we should be. And I thought – that’s it! That’s how it should be with our spouse.




to hold fast, to fix or fasten.

to make someone or something stay in position by fastening securely.


Stable, unmoving, held securely. Who doesn’t want to feel that way with their loved one? How crucial that is! To know that the love between a husband & wife is steadfast, it’s securely held, and unmovable. THAT is how you should feel. Even through the fiercest storms – when the darkest waves approach with thundering power – you look to your anchor, your spouse, and trust in the strength of your mutual, self-sacrificial love.


The wedding day is not the peak of your love, rather a demonstration of what overwhelming joy you feel in receiving and giving of the greatest gift we as humans have. It is the day you make that commitment and set your anchor for the other person. What a blessing marriage is! And what a blessing it is for us to have the opportunity to lock love stories in permanence. For you to always revisit again and again.

  1. Carianne McElrath says:

    I absolutely LOVE how you chose your name. I wrote a similar blog about how we came to choose our business name. I ran into much of the same problems you did. My name is too long and doesn’t have a ring to it. Our last name is IMPOSSIBLE for people to pronounce, and we wanted something that truly reflects who we are as well. The fact it is tied to a scripture is even better

  2. Mandy Wheeler says:

    Love this! I actually have an anchor tattoo based on the same verse <3

  3. Jen says:

    I love how you came about your business name! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Stacie says:

    Love your business name AND the story behind it!!

  5. I love your inspiration for the new name! What a beautiful symbol of everything you stand for! Cheers to 2019!

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