November 5, 2020

Cantigny Park Wedding: Soul, Elegance, & Effortless Love: John + Alexandra

Whew! You may want a glass of cold water for this story today because the love between John and Alexandra will have you fanning yourself once you see how passionate and soulful their love is for one another. 

I try not to use this word too much as a professional wedding videographer, but there was something so sexy about John and Alex’s wedding day, we almost forgot we were shooting in October in an open-air park in the suburbs of Chicago! 

Spending five minutes with the bride and groom, their love for each other was so electric, so unbridled, and so palpable, I actually felt as if everything around me was truly fading away; that the only thing that mattered was capturing the look of complete adoration Alex had as she looked at John while he indulged her in one of the many jokes that never fails to make her laugh.


We were loving how many sweet moments like this we captured not just between Alex and John, but between Alex and her mother as she helped her into her jaw-droppingly stunning dress; 

Between Alex and her father as he embraced his daughter for the first time in her bridal beauty. 

And between Alex and her assembly of elegantly-dressed bridesmaids, all wearing the classiest floor-length, black gowns. 

No Rain on This Parade

Their Story

The weather itself might have been cool that day (the forecast even called for rain!) but between the two families, bride and groom and the bridal party, there was enough love and affection to heat the entire town of Wheaton. We like to think it was their soulful love that kept any precipitation away. 

Extreme weather seems to be an interesting theme as we learned more about this couple’s story. Their first date was on a freezing December night in Chicago, but neither wind nor snow could extinguish the spark from when these two first met. 

Alex was immediately smitten with how much John could make her laugh, and John was grateful for learning about the wonders of dry cleaning from Alex. And if there was any indication that this relationship was destined for marriage, maybe it could be the fact that their first date lasted for seven hours.

Only Have Eyes For You

And it’s true, time does seem to slow down and fly by when you’re watching these two. Our eyes were naturally drawn to the couple as they basked in their day. The way they look at each other is as if there’s a deep-hidden secret that only the two of them share. 

It’s hard to focus on much else when you watch Alex and John together. Alex is a gorgeous woman, but there is something almost divine when you’re watching a beautiful woman in love. Simply put, she shined, even through the crisp clouds and gray skies of an October day in Wheaton.

The Afterparty

I think the most amazing part of their wedding was seeing how elegant, classy, and soulful the ceremony and reception were while also feeling how effortless everything ran! It was as if you could stop at any moment throughout the day and think, “Yes—everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be right now.” And isn’t that how love is supposed to make you feel? 

From the extraordinary jazz trio playing at their reception to the ingenious mac and cheese bar (that is still talked about to this day!), we were spinning with smiles and joy throughout the reception at the Cantigny Golf Club, we truly felt like we were being pulled away from all the fun at the end of the night!

Life may try to throw this couple all the extreme weather and curve balls it wants, but there is something so unshakeable about both Alex and John as individuals, any attempt to tear them apart as the beautiful couple they are is not only futile but laughable. We wish a lifetime of effortless love and laughter to this wonderful couple!

Here are some more photos from the incredibly talented Hannah Stachowiak from Lus Lens Photography


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